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DESIGN THINKING, a great Talentjourney experience

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On 12th November, some students of the Arturo Malignani Technical High School took part in an international meeting on Design Thinking, which is a powerful process that can be used to change the way you tackle problems, bringing in new perspectives.

DT encourages people to explore new alternatives, creating options in order to solve problems.

At the beginning, roughly 20 years ago, it was only used in companies, as manufacturers wanted to make products more respondent to the users' needs. The outcomes were so powerful that design thinking broke the barriers of the world of business and it is now extensively employed also in the field of education. Some of the universities where it has become routine are Aalto University, Khan Academy and Centre for Eco-literacy.

What makes DT great is that it has a human centred approach and focuses on the needs of the “user”. It is about empathising and having the right mindset to take on a different perspective.

The workshop was led by Mr Joziasse, an expert working for a German Company, PARK Ltd, who introduced the idea and explained the process, also providing some clear examples of DT.

What really made the day, though, was the second part of the meeting when we were split into groups and we had the opportunity to work with people from different parts of Europe.

Again, DT is about having the right mindset (overall an optimistic one), but especially about DOING: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test, that’s the path to follow with your group! This method for exploring new ideas and generating tangible solutions has definitely hit the mark! We all felt engaged and efficient.

As students and teenagers this approach could be very effective and helpful. It can be used to investigate our talent and guide our decision as regards our future steps after school.

Thank you PARK team for this great opportunity!

Elia Bello ang Giacomo Zof, 5 AER C