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Corso di formazione per docenti: “TECHNO – CLIL for EVO 2017”

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Comunicazione di corso online per docenti: “TECHNO –CLIL for EVO 2017”.

Si informano tutti i docenti interessati alla formazione online, che il prossimo 8 gennaio avrà inizio il corso TECHNO-CLIL for EVO 2017 moderato dalle proff.sse Daniela Cuccurullo e Letizia Cinganotto. Tale corso integra il consolidamento delle competenze linguistiche e la pratica di metodologie didattiche CLIL con l’uso di strumenti tecnologici.

Per ulteriori informazioni cliccare il seguente link: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/113752123/2017_Techno-CLIL

Per le iscrizioni (che dovranno avvenire  entro l’otto gennaio) cliccare il seguente link: https://moodle4teachers.org/enrol/index.php?id=90 creare nel sito il proprio account, confermare l’iscrizione cliccando sul link indicato nell’email che il sistema invierà; successivamente autenticarsi ed effettuare la selezionare del corso ("Enrol").

Le attività online partiranno il 8 gennaio e si svolgeranno nell’arco di 5 settimane.

Course Information

CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning - is a "dual focus" methodology, fostering the development of language competences and the delivery of subject content at the same time. It refers to the learning of a curricular subject in a foreign language, with great advantages in terms of students' learning outcomes and cognitive processes. 

CLIL is spreading more and more, as an integrated part of school curricula in many countries. In order to implement this innovative approach, the role of teacher training is essential.

This EVO session is aimed at spreading CLIL methodology, combining teaching strategies and technical tools and eliciting reflections and discussions among teachers from all over the world. It is important to share good practices from the different countries and learn from other colleagues through synchronous and asynchronous web meetings.

Webinars with national and international CLIL experts will be a highlight of this session.

Session Objectives 

By the end of the session, participants will have: 

• read about and discussed the theory, methodology and practice behind a CLIL approach

• considered how to plan CLIL class activities using the Internet and 2.0 web tools

• considered and discussed teaching and assessing learners studying through a CLIL approach

• reflected upon their awareness of what CLIL is and on how to teach through it.

Target Audience 

• Primary and secondary school teachers

• Inexperienced teachers who want to implement a CLIL approach

• Experienced language teachers who want to learn about a CLIL approach and teach CLIL

• Experienced subject teachers who want to teach their subject in English

• Inexperienced and experienced teachers of sheltered instruction

• Inexperienced and experienced teachers who implement a content-based/centered learning approach.

Course Moderators