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Corso di formazione per docenti: “Future Classroom Scenarios”

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Comunicazione di corso online per docenti: “Future Classroom Scenarios”.

Si informano tutti i docenti interessati alla formazione online, che il prossimo 9 gennaio 2017 avrà inizio il corso "Future Classroom Scenarios"; le attività si svolgeranno nell’arco di 7 settimane.

Per ulteriori informazioni ed iscrizioni utilizzare il seguente link: http://academy.schooleducationgateway.eu/en/web/future-classroom-scenarios-second-round

Course Information

Start date: Monday, 9th January 2017

Duration: The course consists of 6 modules. The expected workload is about 2-3 hours a week. The course lasts 7 weeks from 9th January to 26th February.

Target audience

Anybody is welcome to join the course but it is targeted at classroom practitioners and other educational professionals working in schools who are interested in innovation in teaching & learning


You will receive digital module badges for every completed module of the course as well as a course badge and a course certificate upon completion of the full course. All badges can be exported to the Mozilla Badge Backpack.