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Music to ears: Malignani school reached the top at the national session of EYP ( European Youth Parliament) in Riva del Garda (Trentino, Italy)  last February. Lorenzo Paravano ( 4C LSA) did his best in ENVI ( Committee on the Environment, Public Health, Food Safety), Luca Biasinutto (4C LSA)  distinguished himself in AFET ( committee on Foreign Affairs), Anna Esposito offered her fruitful contribution in LIBE I ( Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, Home affairs). 

Consequently, all three were selected to join the international EYP in Trier, Germany, in April 2018. “Where the stars align” is the exciting motto of the Trier conference: 27 stars form the European flag, these stars  shine bright in the hope of a peaceful and solidly united Europe. We are honoured to send our best  school representatives as delegates of Italy in Europe. The best youth, indeed!

Rachele Pertoldi (3C LSA) must also be mentioned for two brilliant performances: firstly, best score as Malignani delegate in FEMM ( Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality) in Riva del Garda; secondly, best delegate at UNWOMEN Committee during the FAMUN conference in Amersfoort, the Netherlands last February. Rachele represented the position of Island at the simulation of the Model United Nations. The topics she passionately discussed were the following:

Promoting the presence of women in science and politics,
Measures to end violence against women,
In favour of the economic independence of women and the equal distribution of incomes.

Last but not least, Teresa Gutierrez and Giulia Del Torre were also active students in this year’s Malignani PEG team. In fact, comparing the scores of the Malignani children in time, scores assigned by a jury of PEG experts, we can conclude optimistically that our students are getting better and better. Out of 6 delegates, the average Malignani score was the following:

  • in 2014        1.67
  • in 2016        2.34
  • in 2017        2,73
  • in 2018        3.01

The average score of the Italian students (72 altogether from 12 different Italian schools) was 2.54 in 2014 and 2.95 in 2018. The minimum assessment score is 1, the maximum is 5. The middle assessment score  of  3  means that the condidates are interested in the PEG activities and participate constructively, showing commitment and competence. Such candidates are qualified to start joining international  PEG meetings. Let’s go PEG-ing!

Congratulations, Rachele, Lorenzo, Luca, Anna, Giulia, Teresa!

Arturo Malignani would be proud of you!

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