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The CFMUNESCO conference in Cividale has been one of the greatest experiences of this past year.

While it shares a lot with your typical Model UN conference, some of its characteristics make it unique: its location, a UNESCO world heritage site, and its student-run organization, which makes it perfect for the needs of high school students while not losing the formality of professionally-run conferences.

Are you interested in global affairs and in the great issues of our times, ranging from climate change the to the spread of terrorist organizations? Are you ready to challenge yourself and to get in the shoes of diplomats and negotiators? Model UN is what you're looking for. Thanks to the intense preparatory work required to excel at MUNing, you will develop the necessary critical thinking, academic research and writing skills that are so valuable in today's world. You'll learn how to understand different points of views, and think critically on how different issues relate to your country's agenda. During the conference, provided your preparation is good enough, you will be able to successfully take part in passionate debates and discussions. The combination of lobbying and debating allows you to develop  your public speaking, negotiating, teamworking and leaderships skills.

Besides from gaining a whole new set of tools and skills, Model UN puts you in contact with people from very diverse backgrounds, with unique and inspiring life stories. I have personally met some of the most driven, skillful and interesting people so far in my life.

I am grateful to the teachers (Savonitto D & Dreaszach A) who brought me into Model UN. I grew not just academically but also personally. I have been faced with great challenges, which allowed me to develop a unique set of skills. I have made lasting and meaningful friendships with some of the most interesting people I have ever met. If you have the chance to attend a CFMUNESCO conference stop thinking, just go. You will thank me.


Eugenio Donati

Ex student 5 LSA E

From Harvard University, Massachussets, USA