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What a great school day! Peer learning in a relaxing atmosphere. Learning with joy in groups with activity leaders of nearly our age. We, the Europeans of today and tomorrow, discussing together about the institutions of the European Union, our fears of unemployment and diseases, our expectations of a fairer and prosperous future. 

What an exciting workshop! We were so willing to exchange ideas, so talkative, so curious and cheerful. This is the school we want: the Other School, a space of debate, a moment of true communication, a brainstorming of actions for the common health and well-being. United in the dream of the House of Europe, we are building meaningful relationships and imagining a better world for the new generation EU.  

Our next step is to join other teenagers in events of the European Youth Parliament in Friuli Venezia Giulia or in Italy to debate about climate change and immigration. Thank you, Leonardo Luchini, Anna Sole Gaiotto, Alberto Lorenzini and Sofia Ioana Boboescu for being such confident and motivating leaders!  


5th, 12th October, 10th November 2021 


PS If any class wants to try the experience, write to understandingeurope@eypitaly.org 


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