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Friends and flags are united: Italians and Slovenians share the universal white of peace and inclusiveness and the passionate red of love and fire. What makes us different is the colour green, which represents Italy’s plains and hills, and the colour blue, symbol of water.  Slovenia is in fact the richest country in Europe of rivers. 

On 11thApril 2019, the 19thmeeting of the trasnational project “Biodiversity: the Importance of being Different” took place in Slovenia. 2C LSA “ A. Malignani” and class 2 “ F. Preseren” met for the day to continue their project of observation of the natural landscape and the human-friendly presence. The program started with the guided visit of Secovlje Salina Nature Park: one of the last salt pans in the Mediterranean where salt is obtained manually with a hundred years’ old method.

Salt pans might have formed on the accumulations at the mouth of the river Dragonja since the Middle Ages. Surely, the work of salt pan workers is a living masterpiece.  Besides,  45 endangered species of plants, above all the red halophytes, thrive in this saline habitat,  which is a heaven of birds with nearly 300 bird species. What a stunning biodiversity!

After a desired packed lunch on the Piran waterfront in an unusual grey day, we young Europeans moved on to the visit of Piran in mixed groups. Charming coastal town, Piran is surrounded by the torquaise sea and offers rocky beaches, seafood restaurants and lots of sightseeing. It is a gem of Venetian Gothic architecture, especially the main square named after the Piran-born violinist Giuseppe Tartini whose statue greets you when you enter the square. Walking up the narrow medioeval streets we got to St George’s Church on the hill, from where we could admire the imposing defensive walls and the enchanting Piran’s harbor. 

Nothing compares to a day of fun together! Smiling to each other, taking pics, living an experience where nature and man go hand in hand: that’s what life is for!


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