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“Live and Let Live”is the inspiring motto of the Gimnazija Ptuj, organizer of the international conference Model United nations (MUN). From 6thto 9thApril 2019 more than 160 delegates met from 6 different countries (Spain, Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy) to debate on world problems in committees: Security Council, Drugs and Crime, World Health Organization, Environment.

Ten students from ISIS Malignani took part in this significant event: one of the most joyful moments of the school year, an occasion to meet new friends and discover to be united in diversity. This simulation of the United Nations is academically challenging and extremely useful to develop skills of international diplomacy. Indeed, to become promoters of peace and cooperation is an art which requires time, patience and devotion. 

A big round of applause to Lara Blasoni for her Honorable Mention in the Environment Committee as delegate of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Her precious contribution to the debate and the resolution make the Malignani’s family proud and happy. 

“We were positively surprised by the unique MUN experience: everyone eager to give the best of themselves in debates. Together we came out with some great resolutions in our committees. It was interesting to discuss crucial current issues with delegates from all over the world. Our message to all Malignani students is the following: be adventurous, be courageous, be curious if you aspire to become the future leaders of the world!”

The Malignani MUN Team

Roberto Schinina’, Lara Blasoni, Francesco Cerroni, 

Aurora Tullio, Caterina Asquini, Federico Tomada, 

Halil Peza, Julia Qiu Leyi, Ivan Buttignon, Sam Lamacchia


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