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Would you like to join our DEBATE SOCIETY? Just send your application form by Saturday 22nd September 2018 to the English teacher Donatella.savonitto@malignani.ud.it

Debate is the activity that brings the art of reading, thinking and speaking together.

Debate skills are vital to public life. The ability to promote the best ideas is essential in modern democracy and commerce.

Debate experiences are significant to form young citizens of the world.  Quick thinking, sound argument and confident speaking are powerful means to spread peace and respect in society.

Debate training creates leaders and critical thinkers. Young women and men thanks to their intelligence, empathy and efficiency can make the world a better place.

Please read the attached students’ newsletters n 10 (MUN Model United Nations) and n 11 (PEG Parlamento Europeo Giovani), fill in the application form and send it back. Carpe diem!

The debate team